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The Translated Synthesis Reports from the scientific Climate Change Congress

The launch of new versions

The Synthesis Report from the IARU International Scientific Congress entitled "Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions" is now being translated into seven different languages, besides English, and they will be made available for download as they are finished:

The Synthesis Report from the Climate Congress

The Synthesis Report from the 2009 International Scientific Congress on Climate Change has now been published for download and mail order from the Climate Office at the University of Copenhagen. The focus of the report is to create a synthesis of the combined knowledge and results published at the climate congress and present it in an easy-to-read, compact research document.

The Report is authored by the Writing Team and published by the University of Copenhagen.

Content of the Synthesis Report

In the scientific report, you will find multiple presentations and synthesises of different angles from scientific research on the climate change issues. These results were also presented at a press conference in Brussels in May 2009, where the main authors of the Synthesis Reports were invited to deliver a presentation of both the scientific document and the specific research conducted by them, as a run-up event to the conference on climate change (COP-15) at Copenhagen in December.

More publications due: A scholarly book

A scholarly book on the very same topic, the climate changes of the 21st century, written on the same scientific results is also due to be published by 2010. The book will have the same focus as the Synthesis Report, but will be written specifically to the scientific audience of the climate change community and will present both more thorough scientific research results and feature several climate issues, than the Synthesis Report were able to embrace.

A broader reach through translation to the key UN languages

A translation of the Synthesis Report is currently under way and as we speak, the report has been presented in six different languages in order to secure a broader reach to the world's different regions.

The vision of the Climate Congress and the Report

The vision of the Climate Office, the Scientific Steering Committee, and not least the more than 2,000 participant scientists is to present the results of the scientific Synthesis Report to as many people interested in and effected by the worsening climate change issues.

In this regard, the policy, academic, and diplomatic communities have all been asking for more recent research results and facts on the climate change issue. The Synthesis Report has been written to answer these inquiries by offering information, analysing the consequences and proposing solutions to these.